8 Mar 16

Used car dealers favour Facebook

Facebook is the favourite social media channel for used car dealers. Research by epyx shows 52% of dealers opted for Facebook when asked for their preferred social media outlet, 29% chose LinkedIn and 19% primarily used Twitter.

“Many use a combination of all three, but Facebook was the overwhelming favourite”, says David Goodyear (pictured), commercial director at epyx. “Facebook's ability to build long-term relationships with large numbers of buyers and sellers is key”. 

But the big surprise of epyx's survey of 97 dealers who use 1link Disposal Network, epyx's own e-commerce platform, is the high score for LinkedIn: “Many see it primarily as a business contact tool, but it is clearly being used for trading by a large number of dealers”.   

Epyx specialises in IT solutions for the auto sector, and is best known for its 1link e-commerce platforms. 

Image: epyx

Authored by: Frank Jacobs