6 Oct 17

Belgian Company Cars Report 2017 : the results

On the occasion of the annual meeting of Renta, the Belgian association of leasing companies, the first edition of the Belgian Company Car Report was presented to all participants.

Indiville, a professional market research firm, conducted a comprehensive online survey in Belgium, interviewing 263 fleet managers and 480 company car drivers in order to assess their behaviour, their intentions and the impact of policy options such as the mobility allowance put in place by the Belgian government. The study was organised by Fleet Profile, a database marketing organisation with focus on enterprise mobility within the Benelux, together with the three major federations in the Belgian automotive sector, Febiac (importers), Renta (leasing companies) and Traxio (car dealerships).

The first Belgian Company Cars Report aims to objectively present the expectations and intentions of fleet managers and the drivers of company cars. We looked into the results of the survey…


When asked what they saw as the biggest challenges, Belgian fleet managers responded that the arrival of hybrid vehicles in their fleets (51%), changes in taxation (51%) and the mobility budget (47%) were the issues they think would be the most important in the next 6 to 12 months. Furthermore, they foresee that more company cars will be running on petrol (39%). It is clear that Belgian fleet managers are facing serious change in  their car parks, after a rather stable period in the last years.



86% of drivers said they had complete (31%) or partial (55%) liberty in the choice of their car, within a given budget, while 15% of interviewed employees drove a car that was chosen for them.

In choosing a car, the interviewed employees said that safety (92%) is their biggest criteria of choice, followed by comfort (89%), the environmental aspects (87%) and driving behaviour and offered space (both 85%). What others think about the selected company car is found to be quite unimportant, learns the survey. Only 18% of respondents see it as one of the main criteria of choice.

Graph: main criteria of choice - company car drivers



Petrol, diesel or electric ?

There is a growing trend to move away from diesel cars. While 83% of drivers still have a diesel powered car today, after 2020 only 37% will still drive one, the interviewees think. Fleet managers predict a market share of diesels in their fleet as low as 19% by 2028. Petrol cars will benefit from this switch (up to 17% market share in fleet), but it is the hybrid and fully electric powertrains that will really see their market shares grow to 30% and 32% in 2028, as expected by the participants in the study.

Only 19% of companies and 9% of workers currently have a charging point (more than a simple domestic socket) for electric cars, but 33% of companies are planning to install a charging point in the near future.

Graph: Predicted choice of engines (company car drivers and fleet managers)


and finally... Cash for car ?

One of the highly discussed items this summer & autumn in Belgium is the cash for car-scheme the Belgian government proposes from January 2018 on, and will be called “Mobility Allowance”. Asked about the fact if they would consider trading in their car and fuel card for extra pay, 64% of interviewed drivers said they wouldn’t consider it, and another 14% said they would consider it but buy another car with the extra money. All in all, adding those two figures, it seems utopian that the government’s mobility allowance in return for the company car would really help reduce traffic congestion.


Graphs source: Belgian Company Car Report 2017 - Fleet Profile

Authored by: Stijn Blanckaert