6 Oct 17

Car2Use by Athlon : (eco-) car sharing

Following the initiative deployed by Athlon in the Netherlands, the Belgian Athlon-branch will now also offer Athlon’s Car2Use-platform to its clients and employees, prolonging the test-phase initiated in the Netherlands.

Car2Use is a car sharing platform that is developed by Athlon itself. It lets Athlon’s customers and own employees make use of shared cars whenever they need them, so the employer only pays the real use of the cars, and not the idle time cars normally spend on parking lots and in garages.

The shared cars also make it unnecessary for the fleet managers to have their own pool car that mostly stands on parking lots without being used.

Apart from the economical scope, Car2Use has an important environmental aspect, since almost all of the Car2Use cars are electrical vehicles, allowing Car2Use to lower average CO2-emissions and help people get acquainted to driving electrical. In Belgium, the EV’s that Car2Use proposes, are BMW i3’s.

The Belgian cars are parked at the new Athlon headquarters in Machelen, allowing Athlon’s own employees to make use of the Car2Use-fleet for their professional trajectories, in order to convince their customers of the interest of the formula.

Athlon thinks the best way to promote Car2Use is to have their own staff actively use it and “walk the talk”. They testify that their own employees rapidly adopted the Car2Use-EV’s and now use them very regularly for short distances.

The enthusiasm of Athlon’s own employees using the cars should now be transferred to the customers, in order to have the project grow out of its test-phase, to a structural offering.

The booking process is simple. A dedicated smartphone-application allows the user to book the car of his choice, open it, retrieve the car key and drive off.

The car fleet manager can monitor the usage of the Car2Use-vehicles through a dedicated website, making the collection of proofs of payment and other paperwork in order to reimburse the employees for their professional kilometres unnecessary.

The sites where the Car2Use-cars can be picked up and dropped off feature charging points, so users never have to worry about finding a charger for the car they used, nor do they have to look for a parking spot, because the Car2Use-fleet has dedicated places to park.


By clicking on the links, interested customers can request more information.

Belgium: http://experience.athlon.com/nl/case/car2use

Netherlands: https://www.athlon.com/nl/nl-nl/zakelijk/mobiliteitsoplossingen/mobiliteit/car2use

Authored by: Stijn Blanckaert