22 Jan 18

LeasePlan to drive conversation around climate change and EV Agenda forward in Davos

At the start of the 2018 World Economic Forum in Davos (Switzerland), car leasing and business mobility provider LeasePlan has announced it has joined the 200-member strong World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD). The new partnership fits into LeasePlan's ambition to achieve a zero-emission total fleet by 2030.

This is part of LeasePlan's sustainability strategy that includes plans to educate customers on making the switch to low-emission vehicles, facilitate the uptake of low-emission vehicles and transition LeasePlan's own employee fleet to a fully electric fleet by 2021.

LeasePlan’s CEO, Tex Gunning, commented: “We are confident that this can be achieved, but we can’t do this on our own: we need to work together with stakeholders from all sectors. We’re therefore delighted to join the WBCSD and look forward to exploring innovative sustainable development solutions together with our partners in the WBCSD network.”

WBCSD CEO and President Peter Bakker said: “Over the course of this year initiatives in in areas including mobility, the circular economy and low-carbon technology are only going to grow in prominence. In joining WBCSD, LeasePlan adds its expertise in these and other areas to that of our 200 global member-companies, offering renewed innovation and momentum to our unique business solutions.”

LeasePlan in Davos

LeasePlan also announced that the organisations participating in the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting in Davos could erase 3 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by switching to low-emission fleets. The company published these numbers in its first annual Sustainable Fleet Benchmark, emphasising the contribution corporate fleets can make in the fight against climate change.

The benchmark explains that the 1,808 organisations attending the WEF Forum have an estimated 813,000 vehicles in their combined fleets, collectively emitting approximately 3.09 million tonnes of CO2 per year.

It also mentions that corporate fleets are gradually moving towards alternative powertrains but takeup remains low, attaining 4.3% in 2017 (this was 3.3% in 2015). 

LeasePlan is at Davos to drive the global conversation around climate change and the EV Agenda forward. In addition to attending private meetings and public forums relevant to the business, LeasePlan will hold its own event at Davos: ‘Accelerating the zero emission mobility revolution’, together with EV100 organizer The Climate Group, the We Mean Business coalition and the World Business Council for Sustainable Development. During the event, LeasePlan will speak about the important role low-emission vehicles can play in the fight against climate change. They will also be joined by leaders from the automotive industry to explain the most recent developments in zero emission mobility technologies, as well as CEOs from some of our largest global companies, who will share their perspectives on the need for zero-emission mobility.

Tex Gunning, CEO LeasePlan Corporation: "Climate change, and how to prevent it, is one of the major topics at this year’s World Economic Forum meeting in Davos. Around half the cars on the road today belong to companies and a move towards cleaner fleets would be one of the best ways to reduce global emissions. Corporate fleets must be a part of this conversation.  It is as simple as a decision from top leadership saying ‘we will make the switch’, and that can happen today. LeasePlan is committed to helping any organisation that wants to make a positive contribution to this historic challenge.”

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck