7 Aug 17

Matt Dyer, Managing Director of LeasePlan UK: “Carbon-free by 2040 is feasible”

The UK plans to ban the sale of diesel and petrol cars as from 2040, including hybrids. By 2050, combustion-engine cars should be off British roads altogether. An ambitious target that threatens the UK automotive industry, said the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders. LeasePlan UK’s Managing Director Matt Dyer, who is also President of the British Vehicle Leasing and Rental Association, takes a more confident stance.

Is this the right measure to get a greener fleet in the UK?

Tackling climate and air quality related automotive emissions will require a cross sector effort – from Government, NGOs and the private sector, - implementing consistent, cost effective, long term policies and incentives that support the adoption of low emissions technologies. We’re committed to being part of the solution to help create healthier environments in our towns and cities by promoting cleaner, low-emission vehicles and the infrastructure required to make these cars a viable option for our customers.

How will the plan impact the fleet and vehicle landscape in the UK?

Although it sounds radical, the commitment to ‘end the sale of all conventional petrol and diesel cars’ by 2040 largely reflects the rapid growth of electric and hybrid cars that’s already underway. As the technology improves and prices come down, more and more motorists will naturally turn away from petrol and diesel.

What with residual values and remarketing?

We believe a balanced transition over the next two decades from traditional diesel technology - recognising the improvements that Euro 6 diesels already offer - to newer technologies is an achievable migration path. As a business we are at the forefront of these developments, globally we have assembled all experts in this field with a Group EV Centre of Excellence – all in all we are very well positioned to play our role in this exciting process.

Authored by: Dieter Quartier