30 Jul 19

Renault biggest winner on Belgian fleet market

In the first half of 2019, corporate fleets in Belgium (pictured: Brussels) registered 156,092 new vehicles, 2.14% more than in the same period last year. 

According to data provided by JATO Dynamics, the most popular brands in Belgium's corporate sector during H1 2019 were: 

  1. BMW (15,022 units, -5.3%)
  2. Renault (14,878 units, +9.2%)
  3. Mercedes (14,535 units, +3.3%)
  4. Audi (12,143 units, -4%)
  5. Peugeot (10,910 units, +6.3%)
  6. Volvo (10,103 units, +13.6%)
  7. Opel (7,921 units, -6.6%)
  8. Skoda (6,831 units, +14.8%)
  9. Citroën (6,042 units, +20.3%)
  10. Hyundai (4,920 units, +8.4%)

Despite significant losses, BMW remains the biggest brand on Belgium's corporate market, but Renault is edging closer to the top spot. The French brand was the biggest winner in absolute terms, registering 1,257 more units for corporate use than in the first six months of last year. 

The biggest winner in relative terms was Tesla, which gained 223.6%, for an absolute figure of 1,453 units – thanks mainly to its popular Model 3. Other brands making strong gains are Dacia (+41.4% to 3,292 units) and Seat (+33.4% to 2,628 units).

The biggest loser in both absolute and relative terms was Nissan, which dropped 2,354 units (-44.4%) versus H1 2018. Other brands with significant losses are Alfa Romeo (-29.7% to 588 units), Porsche (-28.6% to 848 units), Land Rover (-23.9% to 1,803 units) and Jaguar (-22.2% to 1,092 units). 

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Authored by: Frank Jacobs