19 Dec 23

Fleet Europe's 10 most read articles of 2023

What caught your eye on Fleet Europe in 2023? We'll let the numbers do the talking: enjoy Fleet Europe's 10 most read articles of 2023!

1. Tesla creates new Model 3 for company car drivers

Providing a long-range model to the company car driver,Tesla has made its mark in the corporate fleet sector. Model 3 and Model Y are popular with consumers and corporates alike.

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2. Fast chargers every 60 km on key EU motorways

By 2028, there must be fast chargers at least every 60 km on the EU’s key motorways. That is the most eyecatching measure of several approved by the European Parliament to improve EV charging.

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3. ALD-LeasePlan Unveils New Mobility Brand: Pioneering Sustainable Mobility

By synergizing their complementary capabilities and expertise, ALD Automotive and LeasePlan seized the opportunity to reimagine mobility,

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4. What’s in a name? CEO Tim Albertsen explains ‘Ayvens’

“We started out with a thousand names, and cut it down until we had three names left that we believed had the right sound and structure, and that reflected what we want to be in the future."

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5. Tesla slashes prices by up to 20% as EV residual values fall

In January, Tesla has dramatically reduced the price of its Model 3 and Model Y cars in key markets, to bolster demand. The a move that has alarmed leasing companies and any fleets with residual value risk exposure to electric cars.

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6. How costly is it to charge an EV in Europe?

The cost of EV charging in Europe is not transparent due to variations according to the country, charging infrastructure, vehicle type, energy costs and taxes. However, recent studies and expanding charging services can give us a clearer picture. 

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7. E-fuels explained: everything you need to know

The news that the European Commission has left open the door for the manufacture and sale of vehicles with internal combusion engines after 2035, so long as they are powered by synthetic e-fuels, has raised a number of questions about these carbon neutral fuels.

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8. "BYD is in a unique position"

Of all the new Chinese brands entering the European market, there are reasons to take BYD more seriously than the rest. In 2022, it was the second-largest manufacturer of BEVs in the world, just behind Tesla.

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9. All new fleet cars and vans should be EV by 2030 say Coca-Cola, SAP, IKEA, Tesco…

Major multi-national fleets are among a consortium of 30 organisations that have written an open letter to the European Commission, calling for all new company cars and vans to be electric by 2030.

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10. Our two new Hall of Famers are both Danish, and that’s no coincidence – probably

Even if you’ve seen just one Carlsberg commercial, you’ll know that’s where the title of this article gets its “probably” from. But Denmark is about more than great beer (and great beer marketing). 

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Authored by: Yves Helven