18 Jun 20

ALD announces new CEOs for Italy, Portugal and Morocco

Vehicle leasing and business mobility provider ALD Automotive has appointed Philippe Valigny (pictured) as CEO for ALD Italy. Mr Valigny will replace Andrea Badolati, who has left the Group. 

Mr Valigny has 30 years’ experience, holding various executive positions at Renault, Société Générale and ALD, which he joined in 2004 to launch ALD Romania. He subsequently led ALD subsidiaries in Ukraine and Turkey, becoming Regional Director for Turkey, Greece, Egypt, Romania and Bulgaria in 2012. He has held his current positions since 2016. 

Replacing Mr Valigny in those positions will be:

  • Tachfine Bekkari, who will take over as CEO of ALD Morocco. Mr Bekkari currently is Treasurer of ALD Group and Finance Director of ALD Luxembourg. Didier Harnois will replace Mr Bekkari in the role of Group Treasurer. 
  • Marek Malachowski, who will take over as Mediterranean Regional Director. Additionally, Mr Malachowski has been appointed CEO of ALD Portugal. Mr Malachowski currently is CEO of ALD Poland and Regional Director for North East Europe. His replacement will be announced in due course. 

The appointment of Mr Valigny is subject to confirmation by the Board of ALD Italy – an important market for ALD, and the source of many of its innovative products. The appointments of Messrs. Bekkari and Malachowski are effective 1 September.


Authored by: Frank Jacobs