21 May 20

ALD shareholders approve Board changes

At ALD's shareholder meeting this Wednesday, a number of changes to the company's Board of Directors were approved. The Board's new members are:

  • Anik Chaumartin (pictured). She was appointed Director for a period of four years.
  • Christophe Perillat. He was already a member. His Directorship was renewed for a period of four years.
  • Delphine Garcin-Meunier. She was co-opted as Director by the Board on 5 November 2019, following the resignation of Laura Carrere. That decision has now been ratified by the shareholders. Ms Garcin-Meunier will remain in office until the end of her predecessor's term, i.e. until the end of this year.

With the expiration of Board member Nathalie Leboucher's mandate, the seven other members of ALD's current Board of Directors are: Philippe Heim (Chairman), Mike Masterson, Karine Destré-Bohn, Xavier Durand, Didier Hauguel, Patricia Lacoste and Bernardo Sanchez-Incera. 

Image: LinkedIn

Authored by: Frank Jacobs