1 Aug 18

Aptiv partners with Hertz for autonomous fleet

Rental car company Hertz and autonomous vehicle technology developer Aptiv have announced they are teaming up. They will be implementing fleets of autonomous vehicles, starting with a pilot program of an initial 75 vehicles in Las Vegas, to launch this fall.

Aptiv has already been testing a fleet of 30 self-driving BMW's in Las Vegas since May. The cars are available through the Lyft ride-hailing platform. So far, over 3,500 rides have been performed with Lyft customers. The data that has been gathered is valuable to all shared mobility providers, not just the fleet operator, says Aptiv CEO Kevin Clark.

Hertz is to become Aptiv's fleet management partner in Las Vegas. The rental company will use the pilot to develop standard operating procedures for autonomous fleets.

Source: Automotive News

Authored by: Dieter Quartier