25 Jan 23

Churchill Expert: Fleets wait over six months to receive EVs

Churchill Expert: Fleets wait over six months to receive EVs

While electric vehicles (EVs) continue to be the trend despite the ongoing supply chain disruptions, fleets are trying several options to shorten long waiting times, says Churchill Expert, Direct Line Group's fleet insurance specialist. 

A striking 98% of fleets are willing to pay extra to lease an EV regardless of long waiting lists, according to a survey of 500 fleet drivers responsible for making vehicle decisions conducted between 9th December and 19th December 2022.

The survey showed that 80% of the fleet drivers faced painstakingly long waiting times last year, with the average waiting time to lease an EV being over 19 weeks, and 28% of the drivers had to wait 26 weeks. As a result, fleet drivers have opted to change their preferences to cut the waiting times: 

  • 25% are willing to be flexible with the vehicle trim, colour, or technological specification.
  • 24% would consider a hybrid vehicle, and 23% would choose a different model.

The survey underlines the increasing awareness towards sustainability among fleets, as many drivers prioritise the environmental impact of choosing an EV: 

  • 36% would buy an EV because it's environmentally friendly.
  • Around 30% would be happy to avoid low-emission zones (LEZs).
  • 38% are willing to reduce operational costs.
  • 28% are eager to enjoy tax benefits on EVs. 

Nicola Richmond, head of Churchill Expert Flexible Fleet Partnerships, says it is encouraging to see drivers showing endurance to long waiting times to receive EVs as the environmental benefits are more recognised. 

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Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen