22 Jun 22

DP World reopens Cyprus to Greece ferry after 21 years

DP World reopens Cyprus to Greece ferry after 21 years

DP World, a global supply chain logistics provider, carried out the first round-trip from Cyprus and Greece on 19 June 2022 with the Ro-Ro passenger ship MV DALEELA. 

The ship set sail from the multi-purpose Limassol Terminal, operated by DP World since 2016. The brand new passenger terminal will be an addition to DP World's current activities, including break-bulk, general cargo, Ro-Ro and oil & gas services. 

The ferry link established between Cyprus and Greece will carry 22 return trips from Limassol to Piraeus, Greece, between June and September 2022. Reinstating the ferry link between Cyprus and Greece aims to strengthen Cyprus' connection with mainland Europe by activating one of the largest and busiest ports of the Mediterranean. 

Additionally, the sea voyage option offers a greater geographic range with economies of scale and more transport solutions. 

DP World Limassol plans to make the terminal more productive and sustainable long-term, supporting the community with job opportunities and better services. 

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Image: DP World

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen