12 Oct 21

Fisker Automotive starts working on two luxury EVs in the UK

Fisker Automotive plans to produce luxury EVs.

Fisker Automotive has started working on two luxury EV models in the UK under the newly formed Fisker Magic Works. Former Aston Martin engineer David King leads the UK branch.

The two speciality models will follow the two Fisker Automotive is currently developing. The first is the Ocean crossover, which is to enter production in November 2022. The second is the Fisker Pear, which will arrive at the end of 2023.

UK branch will develop "serious production vehicles"

Following the releases of these two models, Fisker Magic Works will develop two specialty models. The luxury EVs will cost around $100.000 and be manufactured in lower volumes than the Ocean and the Pear, which will start at around $37,500, and the Pear, said to start at under $30,000.

Ocean's production will take place in Graz, Austria. Pear to be manufactured in the USA.

Fisker Automotive describes the aim of overseas expansion as having the opportunity to create sustainability outside the confines of established industry segments. The cars to be developed in the UK will be "serious production vehicles", says CEO Henrik Fisker.

Image courtesy of Fisker Automotive.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen