7 Dec 21

Indicata launches new service to bolster used car deals

Andy Shields, business unit director, Indicata.

Indicata has launched a new European stock locator to relieve pressure for dealers struggling to meet used car market demand. 

The new stock locator will help dealers hasten the process of sourcing used car and van stock, as the demand continues to increase in Europe due to the chip-shortage. Dealers can find the desired vehicle model through the new stock locator by using various filters, including mileage and price. 

Finding vehicles without effort

Dealers can dig into 9 million live listings of used vehicles in 13 European countries. The stock locator provides map locator information of dealers that have the required vehicle, including contact details. 

The stock locator will be helpful to group buyers, that are increasingly trying to meet demands from foreign countries where they have no experience. 

In addition, the new stock locator also enables dealers to find the most relevant stock at the best price, says Andy Shields, INDICATA Europe's global business unit director. 

Photo of Andy Shields, INDICATA Europe's global business unit director, courtesy of INDICATA.

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen