18 Jan 23

Let it fleet launch Headlight to boost corporate mobility

Let it fleet launch Headlight to boost corporate mobility

Fleet & mobility start-up 'let it fleet' has announced the launch of the fully-fledged fleet management platform Headlight, designed to help companies achieve zero-emission mobility. 

Launched in 2020, let it aims to fill the gap in the software and services in fleet & mobility to support companies in building up their mobility strategies and support them in the operational execution of these strategies, according to CEO Wim Buzzi. 

The lack of software capabilities in the market motivated Buzzi and his team to fully developed Highlight in-house, a fleet management platform guiding companies towards the zero-emission goal.

Headlight combines fleet management experience and technical expertise to offer several features:

  • Digitally configuring and managing car policy budgets,
  • Having an overview of available vehicles for specific budgets, 
  • Allowing employees to order corporate cars, 
  • Configuring and managing all fleet-related processes. 

Headlight saves time and effort but, most critically, offers significant cost-savings for fleets with its built-in task management, notification and communication systems, says Buzzi. Let it fleet plans to upgrade Headlight with alternative corporate mobility options. 

(Image courtesy of Let it fleet)

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen