5 Sep 19

New CEO’s key appointments at Arval

Alain Van Groenendael has been making key appointments at Arval since he took over as CEO at the start of this year. Now formally announcing those appointments, Mr Van Groenendael (pictured) reveals the new key players in Arval’s core executive team that will help him achieve his plans and ambitions for the company. 

  • Amélie Phélip, Arval Mobility Director

Ms Phélip (40) joined the BNP Paribas Group in 2007. In 2018, she joined Arval as Car Sharing Programme Director. In her new role since May, she is charged with accelerating Arval’s Mobility Programme, creating innovative solutions, developing partnerships and intensifying internationalisation. 

  • Christelle Paillès, Arval Communications Director

After communications work at Renault Group and BAT France, Ms Paillès (38) joined Arval in 2010 as Communications Manager. In her new role since April, she reports directly to Mr Van Groenendael and is a member of the Management Committee. 

  • Stefano Berlenghi, Arval Global Operations Director

Mr Berlenghi (45) started his career in 1999 at Arval’s International Sales department, followed by executive roles at Arval subsidiaries in Italy, Spain and India. In his new role since March, he’s in charge of several major activities (including Customer & Driver Care) and transversal topics (such as Digitalisation), and also a member of Arval’s Executive Committee. 

  • Grégoire Chové, Arval Managing Director, Europe

Starting at Arval in 1999, Mr Chové (48) held a number of executive roles in France and Italy, setting up Arval’s International Business Office and Sales department. From 2012 until now, he was General Manager at Arval Italy. Mr Chové has the responsibility for development in and synergies between Arval’s four key European markets: France, Spain, UK and Italy. In his new role, effective from July, he reports directly to Mr Van Groenendael and is a member of Arval’s Executive Committee.

  • Grégory Libre, Arval Commercial Performance Director

Mr Libre (48) joined Arval France in 1996 as Head of Sales, became Head of Strategic Accounts in 2002 and Marketing Director in 2009 – a role widened to Sales and Marketing Director in 2012. In his new role since April, he reports to Bart Beckers, CCO, and is member of Arval’s Executive Committee. 


Authored by: Frank Jacobs