30 Apr 19

Seokbin Brian Ko 'new' CEO Hyundai Capital Europe

Hyundai Capital Europe GmbH has a new CEO. The Germany-based European subsidiary of the Korean OEM's financial division has re-appointed Mr Seokbin Brian Ko to the top spot. 

Mr Ko obtained a BA in Economics from Korea University in 1993 and and MBA in Finance and Financial Management Services from Washington University (St Louis) in 2002. 

From 1992 to 2006, he worked in several managerial positions for Hyundai in Korea. In 2007, he became President & CEO of Hyundai Capital Europe for the first time, a position which he held until March 2012. Thereafter, he switched to Hyundai Capital Services, before joining Hyundai Capital America in February 2016 as Senior Vice President (and Deputy Head of Dealer Services Division). 

In that role, he was based in Irvine, California; for his new/old job, he will return to Frankfurt, where he will focus on establishing joint ventures for auto financing, private labels and white-label partnerships. 

Authored by: Frank Jacobs