3 Jul 23

Three appointments mark start of Athlon’s BeNeLux cluster

Three appointments mark start of Athlon’s BeNeLux cluster

On 1 July, Athlon has brought together the activities of Athlon Netherlands and Athlon BeLux (i.e. Belgium and Luxemburg) in a single, BeNeLux cluster. This has resulted in three high-level new appointments:  

  • Marchel Koops (pictured left), until the end of last month Managing Director of Athlon Netherlands, is now Managing Director of the BeNeLux cluster. Mr Koops will continue as Chief Commercial Officer (CCO) of the Athlon Group and Member of its Executive Committee. 
  • Niels van den Hoogen (pictured second from left) , previously CCO of Athlon Netherlands, is now CCO of Athlon’s BeNeLux cluster. He reports to Mr Koops.
  • Emiel van Onzenoort (pictured in the middle), until now Chief Operations Officer (COO) for the Athlon Group and Member of its Executive Committee, adds another function to those roles. He is now also COO for the BeNeLux cluster. 

“Clustering Athlon BeLux and Athlon Netherlands is part of our continuous drive to optimize our organizational structure”, says Christian Schüler, CEO of Athlon. “We thank Michiel Alferink (pictured second from right) for his outstanding achievements as Managing Director of Athlon BeLux, and Marie Lejeune (pictured right), CCO of Athlon BeLux. We wish them both al the best in their future endeavours.” Michiel Alferink worked almost 13 years for Athlon. From November 2014 to 2020 he leaded the international sales at Athlon and in 2017 he presided the Fleet Europe Awards jury. Since 2020 he headed the Athlon structure for Belgium and Luxemburg. 

Mr Koops has been with Athlon for over 15 years, both at Athlon Netherlands and Athlon International. “Combining expertise from the three markets will help us make mobility more flexible and sustainable for all our customers”, he says. 

Mr Van den Hoogen has almost 20 years of fleet experience and was appointed CCO of Athlon Netherlands in 2016. “We will continue to address the specific needs of our customers with local experts, while leveraging opportunities of the BeNeLux market”, he says. 

Mr Van Onzenoort was COO of Athlon Netherlands from 2013 to 2021 and becale COO of Athlon Group in February of this year. “The new cluster allows us to react even faster to the needs of our customers, increases our efficiency and improves our service levels”, he says. 

Image: Athlon

Authored by: Frank Jacobs