11 Dec 17

Tripospitis replaces Cussell as Fleet GM at Toyota Europe

Dave Cussell is stepping down as General Manager of the Fleet, Leasing & Network Development Division at Toyota Motor Europe. Effective January 1st, he will be replaced by Dimitris Tripospitis. 

Mr. Tripospitis (pictured) graduated from Nagoya University in Japan in 1993 with a Masters in Economics. He is currently still General Manager of the Sales Division at Toyota Motor Europe. His career at Toyota Motor Europe includes a stint as Senior Manager Dealer Development, from 2004 to 2007, followed by 4 years as Senior Manager Sales Operations; both in Belgium. From 2011 until he assumed his present position, he was VP at Toyota Motor Hungary. 

After three years as Toyota Europe's Fleet GM, Mr. Cussell is moving on to establish the Toyota Academy. That institution will aim to establish Customer Experience as Toyota's #1 customer promise.

Image: Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary

Authored by: Frank Jacobs