21 Aug 18

UK fleets like newer vehicles

Arval's Shaun Sadlier talking about why UK fleets don't like to hold on to vehicles too long

UK fleets replace their cars and vans more often than the rest of Europe.

According to Arval’s long-established Corporate Vehicle Observatory Barometer, research that covers 3,718 fleets, UK fleets are keeping their vehicles almost two years less than the European average.

In the UK, the average time before a vehicle is replaced is 3.9 years. Across 12 other European countries, Arval’s research found the figure to be 5.7.

Smaller fleet, faster turnaround

There are variations depending on the size of fleet; smaller fleets in the UK turn their vehicles around quickest (3.9 years) but that figure rises to 4.2 years for much larger fleets with more than 50 vehicles. Across Europe, smaller fleets use a cycle of 6.2 years but for larger fleets, the figure is similar to the UK (4.8 years).

Shaun Sadlier, Head of Arval’s Corporate Vehicle Observatory in the UK put the differences down to the fact that in the UK, there’s a perception that newer vehicles are worth the extra in monthly rentals because they’re more reliable, have the latest technological features (including safety enhancements), better fuel economy and emissions ratings.

Authored by: Alison Pittaway