11 May 22

VWFS pilots subscription service for Cupra Born

VWFS pilots subscription service for Cupra Born

Volkswagen Financial Services has launched a trial of a new subscription service for the all-electric Cupra Born.

The pilot project in the UK is a collaboration between VWFS, Cupra and Wagonex, and allows drivers to take the Born on a three-month subscription that includes the cost of the vehicle, insurance, roadside assistance, as well as any maintenance. Prices start at £699 (€818) per month, based on 800 miles (1,280km) per month.

Drivers configure and order the car online, and at the end of the three-month subscription they hand back the vehicles.

VWFS said the product was targeted specifically at 18- to 34-year old customers who are aligned with culture of usership rather than ownership, characterised by services such as Netflix and Spotify, and are keen to avoid long financial commitments and additional costs.

Authored by: Jonathan Manning