11 Oct 19

10 reasons to attend the 2019 Fleet Europe Summit

If you’re in the Fleet and Mobility business, your diary for 6 and 7 November should already be full – you’ll be at the 2019 Fleet Europe Summit in Estoril, Portugal. Just in case your calendar is still open on those days, let us line up the Top 10 Reasons why you should attend.

  1. The annual gathering used to be called the Fleet Europe Forum, but it’s grown to contain such a great variety of events that it’s now called the Fleet Europe Summit. And they all share one crucial thing: they’re tailored to delivering the best results to fleet and mobility professionals aiming to improve their management skills and results. 
  2. The Fleet Europe Forum is the annual highlight of the fleet and mobility industry. In no other place, at no other time, will you find 1,000 fleet and mobility stakeholders, managers and suppliers at one and the same event. This is the absolute best place and time to network and establish new business contacts. 
  3. One of the most popular segments of the Summit is the Fleet Europe Village, where attendees can visit the booths of more than 45 suppliers – gaining direct knowledge of the newest and best products and services available on the market. 
  4. Want to deep-dive in the topics that are crucial to your fleet business? No better venue than the International Fleet Managers’ Institute – IFMI for short – which holds an all-day session on the first day of the event. 
  5. Remarketing is the final, crucial link in the automotive value chain. Its inherent importance and that of the forces transforming it are so crucial that it gets its own event at the Summit: the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum
  6. No other industry is transforming as fast as fleet and mobility. As we move from ownership to usership, the whole ecosystem changes. Why? How? And into what? Come listen to the Smart Mobility Talks and get with the future.
  7. Those talks take turns with the high-calibre content of the Main Stage Sessions, with CEOs and other top speakers delving into the main themes and trends in today’s industry.
  8. Get to grips with the future of mobility at the Test Drives: book a session to tool around Estoril in one of the many alternative-powertrain vehicles available to all Summit attendees.
  9. Yes, the Summit means being away from your office for a few days. But in terms of getting work done, it’s easily the better option. Because everybody’s here, this is where you can set up as many meetings in two days as you could otherwise arrange in three months.
  10. Work hard, celebrate hard. The Summit closes with the Fleet Europe Awards: set in the glittering ambiance of Estoril Casino, this gala event celebrates the best and brightest achievers in the fleet and mobility industry. An unforgettable evening, closing an unmissable event!

For more on the programme of the Fleet Europe Summit, and to register for the event, click here.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs