10 Oct 19

10 Star speakers at Fleet Europe Summit 2019

The Fleet Europe Summit (6-7 November in Estoril, Portugal) is where fleet professionals go to gain valuable insights and do some first-rate networking. But it’s also a chance to experience the best and brightest industry leaders first-hand. Here’s a selection of star speakers at the Summit. Come to Estoril to see and hear many more!

Yves Bonnefont

Mr Bonnefont is the CEO of DS, the premium brand of the PSA Group (which also manufactures Peugeot and Citroën, and recently acquired Opel/Vauxhall). At the Main Stage Sessions, he will speak on How technology is used by a car manufacturer to create brand success in the 21st century. (Day 2, 12.00-12.30). 

Olivier Reppert

Mr Reppert is the CEO of ShareNow, one of the five mobility services that emerged from the joint venture between BMW and Daimler in February 2019. Previously, he was CEO of Car2go, Daimler’s car-sharing business. At the Main Stage Sessions, he will discuss with Sampo Hietanen (CEO, MaaS Global) Why MaaS and carsharing will replace your company car fleet. (Day 2, 10.00-10.30).

Alain Van Groenendael

Still new in his role as CEO of Arval – a role he took on at the start of the year – Mr Van Groenendael will take to the Main Stage to discuss the proposition: Say ‘Yes’ to the democratisation of fleet electrification. (Day 2, 11.00-11.45).

Marco Lessacher

Like Mr Van Groenendael, Mr Lessacher – the CEO of Alphabet International – took on his top executive role in this calendar year. It will be interesting to hear how their fresh perspectives match up in the section on the democratisation of fleet electrification. (Day 2, 11.00-11.45). 

Malte Krueger

Mr Krueger is eBay’s Vice President for Classifieds in Germany, and also the eBay Classifieds Group Global Motors Lead. As such, he’s well-positioned to help animate a panel discussion on Direct B2C Remarketing versus Indirect B2C Remarketing and the transformation to C2C at the Fleet Europe Remarketing Forum. (Day 1, 14.25-15.15).

Ewout Van Jarwaarde

Joining Mr Krueger in the panel discussion on direct vs. indirect B2C Remarketing and the transformation to B2C is Mr Van Jarwaarde, the CEO of CarNext.com – LeasePlan’s Pan-European marketplace for high-quality used cars. CarNext.com takes in supply from LeasePlan and third-party customers and sells to Consumers, SMEs and professional buyers. (Day 1, 14.25-15.15). 

Nicola Veratelli

Mr Veratelli is CEO at Octo, a leading global insurance telematics provider to the automotive industry as well as to the car rental and fleet sectors. In a Main Stage Session, he will offer a presentation on How Artificial Intelligence unlocks the benefits of intelligent mobility. (Day 2, 12.00-12.30).

Luca Samori, Frédéric Stiernon & Olivier De Clercq

Mr Samori is the CCO at Fixico, winner of the Smart Mobility Start-Up of the Year Award at last year’s Fleet Europe Summit. Mr De Clercq is the founder and CEO of PARKD, winner of the 2017 Smart Mobility Start-Up Award. Mr Stiernon is the founder of Car-Pay Diem, runner-up for the 2017 Smart Mobility Start-Up of the Year Award. They will share the story of their companies’ rise to prominence during the Smart Mobility Start-up success stories, one of the Smart Mobility Talks in the Fleet Europe Village. (Day 2, 10.30-11.00).

To learn directly from these and other experts, visit the Fleet Europe Summit (6-7 November in Estoril, Portugal). Here’s more on the entire programme and how to register.

Authored by: Frank Jacobs