23 Nov 23

The 2023 European Fleet Procurement Manager of the Year is 2023 is Guillaume Pin, Ecolab

The 2023 European Fleet Procurement Manager of the Year is 2023 is Guillaume Pin, Europe Procurement Manager – Fleet & Travel at Ecolab. The award was presented by Samuel Kellner-Steimetz, CSO, Fleet Logistics.

The European Fleet Procurement Manager of the Year Award is bestowed upon the fleet manager within a multinational company who has demonstrated a significant contribution to the execution of the company's vehicle fleet strategy. This contribution is marked by policy harmonization, adept procurement strategies, process efficiencies, and the selection of strategic partners and suppliers, all of which collectively lead to an improved cost optimization.

Supplier harmonisation & multiple business function integration
Ecolab's transformation from a country-based procurement organization to a regional supply chain center of excellence signifies a pivotal shift in our operational approach. This transformation is underscored by a streamlined supplier base, prioritizing efficiency and consolidation. Ecolab's procurement strategy now entails a clear division between strategic procurement, which focuses on policy and strategy, tactical procurement, responsible for sourcing, and operations, overseeing the end-to-end process from ordering to renewal.

Additionally, the integration of multiple business functions, including HR, SHE, Finance, and budget owners, into the fleet RACI (Responsible, Accountable, Consulted, and Informed) framework fosters cohesion and transparency. Guillaume remains realistic about the imperative to scale up Ecolab's green fleet programme. Ecolab’s distinctive decision to transition from a multi-vendor to a sole supply model demonstrates both the company and Guillaume's commitment to innovation and optimization.

Guillaume manages a fleet of 4,750 Ecolab vehicles across Europe.

Previous winners: Wojciech Regucki, AbbVie (2020) I Adam Longenecker, Axalta (2021) I Alberto Pasa, Xylem (2022)