17 Nov 22

Alberto Pasa of Xylem named 2022 European Fleet Procurement Manager of the Year

The 2022 European Fleet Procurement Manager of the Year is Alberto PASA, Senior Global Category Manager at Xylem.

The award was presented by Samuel KELLNER-STEINMETZ Chief Sales Officer at Fleet Logistics.

The European Fleet Procurement Manager of the Year award rewards the person that has decision-making power for the vehicle fleet programme in Europe, and has shown a substantial contribution to the company’s fleet strategy execution in terms of policy harmonisation, process efficiencies, partner and supplier selection, and cost optimisation.

The jury was impressed by Mr PASA’s rollout of a strategy that is both more sustainable and more affordable, both for the company and the drivers; in particular by the introduction and rollout of the fleet electrification programme, with an ICE ban for EMEA. Additionally, the strategy pursued by Mr PASA and Xylem has led to an increase in supplier harmonisation, significant savings, and improved compliance.

Mr PASA manages more than 2,800 vehicles worldwide, of which close to 1,600 in Europe.

Authored by: Steven Schoefs