22 Jun 20

"ALD is well-positioned for the future"

Who’s leading in leasing? Read all about it in Fleet Europe Magazine 117, out now. As a taster, we present a series of short interviews with the top executives of the largest leasing companies on the market – in alphabetical order. Number 1 of 8: ALD

What’s your main strategic objective for 2020, both in Europe and beyond?
Tim Albertsen, CEO (pictured): “We’ll continue to adapt our traditional full-service leasing offer to support new mobility capabilities, such as digital platforms, connected cars, MaaS, e-mobility, flexible offers and multi-modality. We believe this will generate significant growth in the coming years and position us to be a leader in mobility.”

How will the popularity of vehicle leasing and fleet management in Europe evolve in 2020?
“As vehicle ownership and usage continue to diverge, we see higher demand for outsourced mobility. This is particularly true in the retail market, where we’ve seen our private lease fleet increase by 30-40% each year to 153,000 vehicles at the end of 2019, surpassing our three-year target. Private lease now represents 8.6% of our total fleet and we expect it to remain a key growth driver, supported by a state-of-the-art, end-to-end digital retail solution.” 

With smart mobility evolving fast and start-ups disrupting fleet management and leasing, how do you see the industry’s future?
“Whether carsharing or ride-hailing, at the heart of new mobility systems is always a vehicle fleet. We believe our existing competencies in running fleets efficiently, our scale and our coverage mean we’re well-positioned to provide these services in the future.”
“For some years now, we at ALD have been building new capabilities in the form of platforms, services and products that allow us to build strength in these new areas. So in any future projection of the industry, we see ourselves playing a central role as the engine powering the mobility products and services that our partners – and we – want to offer.”

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Authored by: Frank Jacobs