25 Oct 19

Alessandro Grosso, FCA: “Mobility needs from a few minutes to several years”

The Fleet Europe Awards aren’t only about awarding fleet and mobility managers, it also looks at the international fleet supplier industry. The 2019 Fleet Europe Innovation Award, sponsored by FCA, celebrates the most innovative solutions, products or services they offer.

Three questions to Alessandro Grosso, Head of FCA EMEA Fleet & Business, Fiat Chrysler Automobiles.

1. What should we know about the trends that impact fleet and mobility innovation?

What we are facing now is mobility is becoming more flexible. There are mobility needs for a couple of minutes to mobility needs for several months. Carsharing is the ideal solution if someone needs a vehicle for a few minutes, short-term rental for a few hours and leasing, private lease etc. for more than a year.

That’s why FCA is launching subscription services in Europe and why we are introducing private lease in various markets, including Italy, Germany and France.

2. Why is FCA sponsoring the Fleet Europe Innovation Award?

The whole fleet business is changing and has been changing since 2015. Mobility, carsharing, private lease and mobility are growing in importance. In this context, we want to bring FCA to the customer, not only for fleets but also for employees. Basically, we can fulfil the demand for fleet but also offer private lease and mobility solutions to their employees without company cars.

3. What can you say about FCA products or solutions that will contribute to the fleet management profession in 2019?

Starting next year, our electrification programme will start paying off. We will unveil the new hybrid 500 and Panda. These will be ideal for pool and service cars but also for carsharing. In Q2, we will get the first Renegade plug-in version. These will be ideal for middle management drivers. In Q3, we will launch the Ducato BEV, for which we have high expectations in terms of batteries and range. The most important launch, to be announced in Geneva, is the new 500 BEV.

On top of that, we’re also working on an e-mobility ecosystem to ensure infrastructure and partnerships at dealerships will also be ready for the arrival of electric cars.

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Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck