25 Oct 21

Alphabet unveils new branding to reflect sustainable mobility ambitions

Global business mobility provider Alphabet has today unveiled new branding in the shape of a redesigned logo, new colourway and corporate identity that it says reflects its new company values.

Operating since 1997, this marks an important milestone for the company as it expands from a company car leasing provider to a business mobility solution company. “Alphabet is a forward-thinking company. Spotting and anticipating trends, implementing new mobility and technology and flexibility to change is a core part of who we are. Now is the time for us to adopt the brand appearance to the upcoming changes in our sector”, says Markus Deusing, CCO of Alphabet International.

Starting with the new, straightforward logo, Alphabet's design and market presence becomes catchier, more emotional, and modern. “The new design is as agile and modern as we are. But it’s much more than only aesthetics. First and foremost, it reflects the changes within the company”, Markus Deusing explains.

Committed to sustainability

One major point is the company’s strengthened commitment to sustainability. Says Deusing: “This summer, the EU finally announced Europe’s goal to become the first continent to be climate neutral by 2050. This clearly increases the need for action on the part of our customers but also for us as a mobility provider. Considering that company cars are not only driven on average more than 2 times as often as private vehicles but also account for over 60 percent of all new cars sold in Europe. Given this background, the electrification and thus the decarbonisation of fleets is of particular importance for achieving climate targets.”

Alphabet plans to promote sustainability through the extension of its eMobility and new mobility options via AlphaElectric. With the implementation of its so-called “sustainable consulting” Alphabet specifically offers its know-how on CO2 targets, CO2 neutrality and further sustainability topics to its customers.

Another topic is Digitalisation. Alphabet wants to be at the forefront of the digitalisation journey and is committed to furter invest in offers that provide customers with a seamless experience moving from private to business application.

The new brand is expressed through a new design with a new logo, new typeface, new colours and a modern and contemporary brand impression that makes the  Alphabet brand now optimised for the digital world to communicate and interact with its customers and stakeholders in 31 markets.

Image: courtesy of Alphabet

Authored by: Alison Pittaway