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4 Jul 18

Apply now for the Fleet Europe Awards for fleet managers

This year, the most prestigious awards in the fleet industry (our own Fleet Europe Awards) are coming to Barcelona, the gem of the Mediterranean. Our expert jury is eagerly awaiting applications of fleet managers from across Europe. Do you think you qualify or do you know someone who does? Apply now!

5 awards

The Fleet Europe Awards for International Fleet Managers reward international fleet managers who have implemented new and innovative solutions and management strategies in the following categories:

  • The Global Fleet Manager of the Year rewards the person or the team that manages a fleet at the global level and that has most successfully developed and implemented a global fleet approach, keeping in mind the regional differences and local preferences.
  • The European Fleet Manager of the Year goes to the person or the team that has most successfully developed an international fleet management strategy, leading to an optimised TCO in line with the corporate strategy.
  • The International Fleet Mobility Award goes to a company that has successfully implemented a green project of initiative in efficient alternative mobility for its employees, taking into consideration cost-efficiency, stakeholder satisfaction and sustainability.
  • The International Fleet Safety Award recognises a project or programme that improves the safety of the drivers and limits accidents related to the vehicle fleet, taking into account cost optimisation.
  • The International Fleet Innovation Award rewards a project that stands out in the field of innovation and can be an inspiration for fleet and mobility management optimisation on a wider scale.


Our jury, made up of experts from the world of international fleet managers, car manufacturers, leasing companies, fleet industry specialists and representatives of Fleet Europe, is presided by Alessandro Pigazzi, International Business Office Director, Arval.

Who can apply?

The Fleet Europe Awards can go to each fleet manager or team of fleet managers that work for a private company active in a multinational environment (at least 3 European countries) and that are responsible for the decision-making and management of a vehicle fleet of at least 350 vehicles.

Candidates can apply themselves or they can be nominated by the jury members.

How can you apply?

  • Fill in and return the application form before 6 September. Next, you will receive a questionnaire.
  • Fill in and return the questionnaire by 13 September.
  • The jury select the finalists.
  • Live presentation and Q&A before the jury at the Sixt headquarters in Munich at a date in October (the exact date will be confirmed at a later date)

The winners will be announced during an awards ceremony at the Fleet Europe Summit on 28 November.

Start-up & Industry Award

As is customary, there is also an award for the start-up of the year and a Fleet Industry Award for suppliers.

These are the winners of the 2017 Fleet Europe Awards

Image: all winners and runner-ups of the 2017 Fleet Europe Awards

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck