12 Oct 20

Arval Beyond: a plan for sustainable mobility leadership by 2025

Arval today is a leader in full-service leasing. By 2025, Arval’s objective is to be the leader in sustainable mobility too. The plan to get there is called Arval Beyond. Except that it’s more than a plan, Chairman & CEO Alain Van Groenendael explains: “It’s a new mindset, with strong ambition.” Here’s how it works.

Arval Beyond is the result of a strategic review in 2019 that showed profound shifts in customer attitudes towards mobility and the environment. While nobody could have predicted the pandemic, the companies that are best prepared for the future are those with a plan for it. Like Arval Beyond.

With leased fleet growth averaging 7.4% over the last five years – and even achieving 6.6% in September 2020 – Arval is the clear market leader in full-service leasing. The aim now is to use that position of strength and leadership to broaden Arval’s appeal to include all sustainable mobility solutions; and to address not just corporates, but also their employees, retail customers, and partners. 

Targets for 2025: 2 million leased cars (500,000 of which electrified), 30% reduction in CO2 emissions versus 2020, Arval remaining a carbon neutral company and sustainable mobility offers in all markets. How? Central to the five-year plan are four new offers, centred on sustainability while not forgetting about the car. 

360° Mobility

This is where Arval evolves from car-centric to mobility-centric. Corporate clients get access to mobility solutions that can benefit 100% of their employees, not just the 10% with a company car. A recent survey from the Arval Mobility Observatory shows that 3 out of 4 companies in Europe have already implemented or consider to implement at least one alternative mobility solution in the next three years.. And Arval has three specific offers to satisfy that demand:

  • E-Bike leasing, combining the advantages of sustainability with new urban mobility opportunities;
  • Car Sharing and Micro-Mobility Solutions, including bicycles, e-kick scooters and e-motorcycle sharing; 
  • A MaaS application, combining all available mobility options, so employees can choose the right ones.

In short, 360° Mobility allows companies to offer their employees the freedom to choose the way they move.

Good for You, Good for All

This is a toolbox with the twin ambitions to protect the environment and increase road safety. The tools: integrated EV offers, that remove the constraints often associated with EVs. 

  • for example, by combining the lease of an EV with the lease of an e-bike;
  • or by offering EV lease drivers the opportunity to switch to a combustion engine for several weeks per year (ideal for holiday trips); 
  • and soon, also a vehicle-to-grid (V2G) offer that will allow EV drivers to optimise their energy consumption (and minimise the cost). 

Specific road safety tools include the reduced insurance premiums if customers choose vehicles equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADAS). The target is to reduce accident rates by 10% by 2025.

Connected & Flexible

A better connected journey is a simpler journey. That’s the promise of the Connected & Flexible offer, which includes innovative services such as:

  • Automatic payment of street parking;
  • Keyless third-party access to your car, so you can receive packages in your car or have it car-washed, even without the driver present.
  • And soon, voice-aided searches while driving for such things as garages, petrol stations or roadside assistance. 

Arval Inside

Since its start in 1989, partnering has been in Arval’s DNA. Initially with banks and OEMs, now also with insurers, energy companies, retailers, HR services, transport companies, and so on. The mindset stays the same: joining different forms of expertise to tailor innovative mobility solutions that cater to specific customer needs. 
By 2025, the aim is for all Arval markets to have successful partnerships in place with international players or local heroes. 

With Arval Beyond, Arval has the clear ambition to be as market-leading in sustainable mobility solutions as it today is in full-service leasing. “This plan offers our customers support during the energy transition, simplicity through connected and flexible solutions, and added value via innovative offers with third parties,” Mr Van Groenendael concludes.

If you would like to know more about Arval and Arval Beyond, visit www.arval.com.