19 Oct 21

BMW promotes a holistic sustainability approach for seamless fleet electrification

BMW Group had unprecedented success in EV and battery sales so far in 2021. Battery sales for EVs have doubled and BEV and PHEV sales increased 148% yearly as 153.000 units sold in the first half of this year. 

Speaking in a podcast of Fleet Week, Uwe Holzer, Vice President International Corporate and Special Sales of BMW Group said BMW Group plans to sell 10 million all-electric cars in the next 10 years. 

This plan is mainly shaped by the increasing customer demand and carbon neutrality targets set by BMW. Strengthening corporate sales with all-electric new models will also help fleets worldwide to achieve a smooth transition to electrification. 

For Holzer, PHEVs are still relevant for customers until BEVs will become the majority. The eDrive zone introduced by BMW makes PHEVs more feasible for long-distance commuters as the BMW PHEVs automatically switch to electric power. eDrive Zones are currently applicable in more than 90 cities in Europe. 

The growing demand from Europe and other global markets is a strong drive for the BMW BEV portfolio. Holzer says BMW plans to have at least one BEV in 90% of their car segments until 2023. With the introduction of new fully electric models, corporate sales will be an important push for the 2050 zero-carbon policy. 

A major step in this policy is the transition of MINI into a fully electric brand. Holzer underlines the same ambition on BMW’s side as the automaker plans to have at least half of its global sales fully electric by 2030. 

Holzer says BMW focuses on a holistic approach to the charging infrastructure and sustainability, to meet the increasing number of EVs. To provide charging at work, public and home, BMW is choosing partners all over Europe from the energy industry, while investing in customer support.

Choosing partners like Alphabet, ensures the best consultation for the customers, says Holzer. Private individual consulting helps customers to achieve individual goals and a sustainable fleet. 

One surprise for fleets will be the launch of the all-electric BMW iX and BMW i4, both have a range of up to 600 kilometres. 

Listen to the Fleet Week podcast with BMW Group now

Photo of Uwe Holzer, Vice President International Corporate and Special Sales of BMW Group. 

Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen