29 Nov 18

Boost EV adoption with Geotab

Since January 2018, FleetCarma has been a Geotab Company which manages fleets of all sizes and types. Besides working with electric utilities to understand and manage electric vehicle load on their infrastructure through its Smart Charging platform, it provides support for those going electric by way of its EV Suitability Assessment.

Through this assessment, the company collects high-quality vehicle-side data to analyse and run efficiency diagnostics, producing a final report which lets fleet operators forecast the effects of their decisions. The assessment also supports budgetary decisions by accurately forecasting ROI, assisting clients in finding hidden savings in automotive fleets.

Better technology

FleetCarma, a Geotab company, believes that EVs are fundamentally a better technology as they have a lower operational cost while also reducing carbon emissions. In fact, EV sales have increased rapidly worldwide, especially in Europe which saw a 35% increase year-over-year to 291,000 units in the third quarter of 2018.

FleetCarma’s parent company Geotab is one of the largest telematics solutions providers in the world with clients operating across all seven continents, in over 130 countries. Its clients include electric utilities, municipal and federal governments, military and commercial fleets, as well as transportation research labs.

Privacy Mode

Although telematics does access core information which fleet managers need in their EV and internal combustion engine fleets, Geotab is set on respecting privacy concerns through it’s “Privacy Mode” feature, an option which obscures location information. The Canada-based firm is also GDPR compliant.

According to FleetCarma CEO Matt Stevens, there are three moments where telematics can help in the successful adoption of electric vehicles.

First of all, there is an interest or mandate, to go electric which brings up the question of which EV will have enough range for a company’s needs. “Our EV Suitability Assessment answers these questions, and provides cost and carbon reduction projections,” says Stevens.

“Secondly, there is the need to manage electric vehicles just like any other vehicle, and we are providing ever growing support for them in the Geotab Fleet Management platform. And lastly, once there are more than a few EVs in a fleet, making charging easier and more integrated into your existing systems is what I see as key,” the executive added.

Image: Matt Stevens, CEO, FleetCarma