7 Oct 21

Bpost bolsters electrification plans with the acquisition of 1200 e-vans

Belgium's national post service Bpost announced plans to create a fully electric fleet of 1.200 e-vans until the end of 2022.
Bpost has ordered 400 of the e-vans and will order another 800 at the end of October. According to the Belgian media, this is one of the largest electric vehicle orders in the country. Bpost currently has 100 e-vans in its fleet. 

With 18.000 vehicles, Bpost operates one of the biggest fleets in Belgium. 10.000 vehicles in the fleet operate in package delivery services.  

Bpost is shifting to a new mobility strategy 

The spike in online commerce during the pandemic might have also motivated Bpost towards electrification. Bpost is planning to have 18.000 utility vehicles by 2030, the majority of them fully electric.

Bpost's green intentions were made clear by CEO Dirk Tirez in September when he told the Belgian media their target of becoming "the greenest postal operator" in Europe. 

Bpost's five-year road plan is ready 

The electrification strategy of Bpost including economic, social and environmental developments became official in September with the signing of the 7th management contract and CSR plan of Bpost. 

Belgian Minister of Public Enterprises Petra De Sutter and Bpost CEO Dirk Terez are committed to reducing carbon emissions of the postal service by more than 60% compared to the level of emissions expected in 2030. 

The CSR plan signed by De Sutter and Terez will be reviewed every five years. Bpost will also increase efforts for protecting biodiversity and recycling and management of water and waste.

Under the new social responsibility goals, Bpost will establish disability coordination to promote jobs for disabled people. Bpost is also committed to increasing diversity and strengthening inclusion. 

Photos of Bpost e-van and e-scooter. Courtesy of Bpost. 


Authored by: Mufit Yilmaz Gokmen