13 Jun 19

Connecting digital leaders at Noah in Berlin

Connecting digital leaders of today, that’s what the Noah conference in Berlin sets out to do. Leaders from start-ups, investors, service providers and corporates that are trying to digitise gathered in Berlin for a day of networking and best practice sharing.

According to the organisers, they welcomed an impressive 80% of all European unicorns and a good share of established companies.


Only one year ago, Olivier Reppert attended the conference as the CEO of Car2go, the Daimler carsharing subsidiary. Today, he came on stage to represent ShareNow, the joint venture of Daimler and BMW.

“Our challenge is to provide a certain level of availability for our customers,” explained Mr Reppert. “There’s nothing more frustrating for a user than to open an app and not find a car near you.”


A panel of industry insiders was asked to name the biggest challenge they are facing.

Airbus’ Dirk Hoke said: “We see that there is a strong trend towards sustainable flying while the number of flights is still rapidly increasing. Airbus therefore is investing into the developments of electric flying for smaller aircrafts and hybrid technologies for larger planes.”

Cedrik Neike, Siemens, said: “We live in a world where still 3bn people are looking forward to enjoy the technologies and mobility that we currently have. This means an increase in power consumption. Therefore decarbonisation is the most important issue to address.” Neike has a very personal relation to this topic as his daughter has joined the Fridays for Future demonstrations.”

Dr Karsten Wildberger, E.ON, answered: “We have completely changed our business model in the last years, we now produce a huge amount of green energy. The development of new technologies have driven us to do so.”

Image: moderator Marco Rodzynek, Cedrik Neike (Siemens), Dr Karsten Wildberger (E.ON), Dirk Hoke (Airbus)

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck