12 May 22

Digital B2B Cross Border Sales: Cars2click + Car2view + Cars2transport

Cars2click started in February 2019, and soon the world changed. Despite the challenges we have been growing throughout the years and this proves the strengths and value of our business model based on GEOpricing and cross-border B2B trading. Today we see a shortage of cars available in the market. So, we simply had to find new ways and be creative in our strategy and tactics. 

Cars2view became the answer and now our buyers can use AI and DATA to plan ahead. Pre-ordering. Being first is the key. But you need to know which cars to buy and which to avoid. Market data is the key for this exercise. If you know what to buy and where the cars are you will succeed and you will reduce lead-time, reduce the costs, and increase overall profitability. 

One example of strategic planning is how the rental and leasing cars are being sold and allocated to buyers while being used in the running Fleets. This is PRE-sales. The positive impacts this has for both car buyers and car sellers are amazing: the buyer can get access to cars before they normally would be available at auctions; the seller will know before the end of the contract which cars are already sold. The process of pre-sales planning leads to better decision-making and better cost management.

We expect that the change in sourcing from buying one by one on auctions to planning using data and Pre-ordering will take a big part of the auction business. We expect a monthly increase in the pre-sold volume and these pre-sold are all cars which normally would go through the normal auctions so our buyers  get access to cars before their competitors and the sellers reduce elastomer and cost.

End2end European Cross-Border B2B Trading solution 

Cars2click is making the AI, DATA, and Asset Management Solutions we use available in white label solutions for our partners. Using AI and DATA to plan and manage rental, leasing or dealership inventory will improve profitability. We even decided that our AI MARIA digital assistant will be made available for our partners using our B2B trading solution. The power of AI in promotion, together with GEOpricing and GEOmatch it is a game-changer.

  1. With GEOpricing, the real B2B prices ex-VAT and ex-TAX (like the Co2 added TAX) identify which countries to buy for the lowest price or sell for the highest price. 
  2. Cars2click’s GEOmatch maps and profiles more than 120.000 car dealers across Europe, creating a structure, so AI MARIA will know who the potential buyer of each vehicle is.

With GEOpricing and GEOmatch Cars2click knows where and with who to do business. 

The company AI solution and digital assistant – AI Maria – oversees the promotion, communicates with potential buyers, and connects them with the Internal Sales Team or their Key Account Managers to finalize the deals.

Discover how to improve your business with Cars2click at cars2click.com and Cars2view at cars2view.com.