23 Oct 23

"Every step counts, also the small ones"

How do you plan your corporate mobility journey without taking a wrong turn? It’s not easy. You need expertise, and most of all: vision. According to Mobinck, which sponsors the Smart Mobility Manager of the Year Award at the 2023 Fleet Europe Awards (23 November in Lisbon), the most important step is the first one. “Whenever you feel an urgent need to change – that’s the right time”, says Michael Poglitsch, Mobinck's Managing Director. 

Give me one good reason why multinational companies should broaden their fleet management to include mobility management.

“Because modern corporate mobility is about much more than just ‘fleet’. In our view, mobility is becoming a central commodity within companies, one that combines travel, fleet, and commuting. That’s why we see a big trend of companies looking for someone to help them with this transition.”

“Reducing your carbon footprint by electrifying the fleet is a good start. But you should also take into consideration parking spots. Employees searching for a spot around the office: that’s quite CO2-heavy. And the cost of those parking spots provided by the company is usually not included in the TCO of your company cars.”

“Additionally, car-based mobility – it doesn’t matter whether they’re ICE vehicles or BEVs – is not always the best option to get from A to B, in terms of time, cost efficiency, and/or sustainability. That is why employees themselves are asking for more flexible mobility solutions. And to top it all off, a state-of-the-art mobility policy will help companies attract and retain the talented staff that they need.”  

Okay, you convinced us. But how should companies start this journey?

“First, Fleet and Mobility managers should get a clear picture of the current status of their mobility. How is it organized? What are the real needs of their employees? Once they have this, they should formulate their goals and start achieving them. And they should always remember that every step counts, including the small ones.”

How does Mobinck support the transformation from Fleet to Mobility?

“Mobinck has the services and tools that not only allow mobility managers to get more detailed insights and support for the change towards Mobility, but that also help them formulate measures based on those findings, and implement new tools and services. The considerable capabilities of our mobility ecosystem give us exhaustive expertise, so we can give you not just the ‘What’, but also the ‘Why’ and the ‘How’.”

Want to know who will be this year’s European Smart Mobility Manager of the Year? Click here to reserve your spot at the Fleet Europe Summit (Lisbon, 22-23 November), which will conclude with the Fleet Europe Awards.

Image: Mobinck