15 Jun 23

Explaining a Landmark Deal: Video Interview with Berno Kleinherenbrink, Group Deputy CEO ALD Automotive | LeasePlan

Following the interview with Tim Albertsen, CEO of  ALD Automotive | LeasePlan, Steven Schoefs had the the opportunity to talk with Berno Kleinherenbrink.


Continuing his career at LeasePlan, first at LeasePlan Netherlands, followed by senior positions at LeasePlan on international level, Kleinherenbrink’s new role as Group Deputy CEO of ALD Automotive – LeasePlan, underlines the importance of a smooth and inclusive integration.

Customer point of view

The fleet community is eager to know what the acquisition will mean for them. In the interview, Kleinherenbrink explains ALD Automotive – LeasePlan’s approach to customer satisfaction, not only for sole supply customers, but also, and more specifically, for customers in a legacy ALD Automotive/LeasePlan dual supply


The (former) 2 lease giants both had a strong identity, product line and commercial strategy. The acquisition will now require the newco to manage these differences and, eventually, consolidate the offering and pricing. Here as well, Kleinherenbrink shares insights in the approach.

This article is part of the ALD & LeasePlan merger story.

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Authored by: Yves Helven