14 Jun 23

Explaining a Landmark Deal: Video Interview with Tim Albertsen

In his exclusive video interview with Tim Albertsen, CEO of ALD Automotive – LeasePlan, Steven Schoefs had the opportunity to ask Mr. Albertsen about the recent acquisition of LeasePlan, shedding light on the strategic rationale behind the merger and his vision for the future of the company.

Landmark deal

With the completion of the acquisition, ALD Automotive has solidified its position as a global leader in mobility solutions, expanding its reach and strengthening its portfolio of services. Tim Albertsen, as the driving force behind this landmark deal, will share his deep understanding of the synergies and opportunities that the merger presents. Through this video interview, industry professionals, stakeholders, and enthusiasts will gain unique perspectives on the acquisition strategy and its anticipated impact on both ALD Automotive and LeasePlan.

As a highly respected figure in the automotive industry, Tim Albertsen's expertise and leadership have been instrumental in ALD Automotive's successful growth and expansion. His keen business acumen and profound understanding of the industry dynamics make this video interview an essential resource for industry professionals seeking comprehensive knowledge about the LeasePlan acquisition and its future implications.

Rationale, integration, opportunities

Fleet Europe The interview will delve into the key aspects of the acquisition, covering the strategic considerations, integration plans, and potential synergies that drove ALD Automotive's interest in LeasePlan. Tim Albertsen will provide a comprehensive overview of the company's vision for LeasePlan post-acquisition, including insights into the integration process, planned expansions, and the anticipated benefits for both customers and employees.

Fleet Europe and Global Fleet invite all interested parties, industry professionals, and corporate fleet enthusiasts to view this exclusive video interview with Tim Albertsen. Gain invaluable insights into the strategic vision, growth plans, and exciting future prospects for both ALD Automotive and LeasePlan in a rapidly evolving mobility landscape.

This article is part of the ALD & LeasePlan merger story.

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Authored by: Yves Helven