3 Jun 19

Fleet Europe Awards 2019: Get the recognition your company deserves

Fleet and mobility management is evolving at a fast pace. Innovation is transforming technology, mobility, even behaviour. All of that is making the job of today’s fleet and mobility manager more complex than ever. Recognising this complexity, the Fleet Europe Awards aim to reward the best and most innovative achievements, of both customers and suppliers. And you can be part of it!

This year’s Fleet Europe Awards will take place on 7 November in Estoril, Portugal. It’s the industry rendezvous of the year, with fleet professionals firmly in the limelight. Put aside your modesty and apply for one of the following Award categories. 

Fleet and Mobility Managers

Six categories reward professionalism among international fleet and mobility managers:

  1. Global Fleet Manager of the Year. First introduced in 2017, this award celebrates the person or team that manages a vehicle fleet on a global level (at least two continents) that has successfully developed a global fleet approach, while taking into account regional differences. 
  2. European Fleet and Mobility Manager of the Year. The winner will be chosen from the four categories below. It will be the person who has deployed a programme that combines the strengths of procurement efficiency and supplier management with the optimisation of vehicle emissions and safety, and the attention for alternative mobility solutions.
  3. European Optimisation Fleet Manager of the Year. This award goes to the person or team that can show a substantial contribution to the company’s vehicle fleet strategy and execution in terms of policy harmonisation, process efficiencies, supplier selection, and cost optimisation. 
  4. European Safety Fleet Manager of the Year. This award goes to the person or team that improves safety and limits incidents and accidents related to the vehicle fleet, taking into account cost-efficiency.
  5. European Green Fleet Manager of the Year. This award goes to the person or team that can show a clear improvement in the emission strategy of the vehicle fleet, with a focus on vehicle and powertrain selection, fuel efficiency optimisation and innovation in eco-friendliness.
  6. European Smart Mobility Manager of the Year. This award goes to the person or team that has developed a strategy for the complete employee community, offering alternative and innovative mobility modes next to the company car. The result is a programme that leads to a more efficient employee mobility.

Ensuring the highest possible judging standards, the jury is made up of corporate fleet managers, fleet suppliers and Fleet Europe representatives under the presidency of Edward Kulperger, Vice President Europe at Geotab.

Fleet and Mobility Suppliers

One word describes today’s fleet and mobility industry: transformation. This process is driven by new ideas and innovation. To underline the importance of innovation, the Fleet Europe Innovation Award 2019 celebrates the newest solutions and services of the supplier industry.

In particular: a solution, product or service from vehicle fleet and mobility industry suppliers that is evaluated by our jury as highly innovative and as standing out from the competition, while creating added value for the fleet and mobility customer.  


Innovation goes hand in hand with disruption. Indeed, the transformation from fleet to mobility inspires innovators to set up new companies. For the fourth time, Fleet Europe celebrates the young and the fresh in our industry with the Smart Mobility Start-up of the Year Award

The Smart Mobility Start-up of the Year Award rewards a promising start-up developing innovative products or services in the fleet & mobility ecosystem, with high potential for growth.


Vehicle remarketing is an essential ingredient of the fleet management business. For the fourth year, Fleet Europe will be handing out the Fleet Europe Car Remarketing Award, to an actor in the remarketing sector that has developed an outstanding innovative product or service in the field of international automotive remarketing operations. The award can be won by any type of actor within the remarketing process, including start-ups and smaller traders.

Hall of Fame

The vehicle fleet industry has a strong and long history, with decision makers, business leaders and experts contributing to the maturity of the fleet and mobility business and the fleet managers’ profession. Each year, we celebrate a top-class industry expert as the new inductee into the Fleet Europe Hall of Fame. 

This year’s winner will be decided by a designated jury under the presidency of Philippe Bismut, winner in 2014. 

Easy to apply
Go to the Fleet Europe Summit 2019 website for more information, and become a candidate


Authored by: Steven Schoefs