3 Dec 18

Get full control of your fleet spend by outsourcing your fleet management

Vehicle and people costs represent a large part of a company’s expenses, but an element that is often overlooked or underestimated is vehicle fleet management and, in particular, its full life-cycle management. Quite understandably, as an expense that involves many departments, it is subject to constant changes, differences of opinion and is impacted heavily by taxation requirements.

A company that outsources its fleet management can avoid many pitfalls of more traditional fleet management practices.  Internally, the company can focus on its core business and remove a layer of non-core processes and practices.  Externally, an independent fleet management provider brings a raft of benefits including dynamic and competing lease costs models, supply chain management, tried and tested processes that integrate well with your business, along with an expert focus on how to manage all the costs and complexities associated with managing fleets of vehicles … and the people that drive them.  If the fleet market changes, if taxation or other legislation in your area changes, your fleet management company will recommend appropriate strategies that will work for your business and your people.

No hidden costs

Dealing with fleet management companies makes your internal processes lighter, it can free up manpower, it brings service continuity and it shields you from constant changes in legislation.  Hidden additional costs, like those incurred in-life or when returning vehicles, also become less of a concern as a good fleet management provider will manage an invoice validation and challenge process and will identify steps to help your business reduce ‘avoidable costs’.

A good fleet management provider will undertake a detailed implementation process, to fully understand your business, your fleet and your policies.  As part of this review process, your fleet management partner will look to ensure that you have a sound car policy with provisions for data transparency.  Processes will be scrutinised and optimised to achieve maximum benefit for your people.  It’s also of paramount importance to stay up to date and to keep track of changes in legislation and taxation.  Lastly, the vehicle procurement process will be transformed to deliver a competitive and effective user experience.

Sustainable cost reduction

TraXall International, the largest truly independent fleet management company in Europe, offers sustainable and cost-reducing fleet solutions by supporting its customers in setting up efficient administrative and multi-source structures. 
Preparing leasing contracts with optimised terms and performances can be a challenging task, but it’s something that TraXall does every day.  Choosing a multi-supply approach, instead of sole supply offers many benefits, but in simple terms, the main benefits are:

  • Best price every time, on every vehicle, in every market, in a continuously competing environment
  • Simple user experience, that feels the same as sole supply – one point of contact
  • Significant in-life cost control and challenge, protecting your cost base 
  • TraXall sits client-side – we are there to look after your interests above those of any other organisation

Experts need to be at the top of their game today, but they have to stay there tomorrow and the day after.  That’s no easy feat for a fleet manager, but support from TraXall transforms this landscape.  Whatever disruptions the fleet and mobility industries will go through, TraXall has the expertise, the processes, the people and the IT systems to make corporate fleets flawless.

Talk to us today – we’re looking forward to making a difference to your business and your people.