17 Nov 22

Guillaume de Subercasaux (Schindler) is Global Fleet Manager of the Year 2022

The Global Fleet Manager of the Year in 2022 is Guillaume de Subercasaux, Head of Global Indirect Procurement at Schindler. His award was presented by Sabrina EICKELKAMP, Head of International Corporate, Direct and Guard Sales at Mercedes-Benz.

The Global Fleet Manager of the Year Award recognises the person or team within a multinational company that has a direct influence on the vehicle fleet and mobility programme of the company on a global level. The Award takes into account the degree of fleet management internationalisation, the level of global procurement efficiency, and stakeholder and supplier management, respecting regional expectations around Safety, Green and Mobility, with as result an optimisation of cost-efficiency.

The jury was impressed with Mr DE SUBERCASAUX’s successful development of a global fleet management strategy that considers global guidelines as well as regional and local market realities and business preferences. Covering 39 countries, the global strategy shows a strong balance between cost efficiency, sustainability, time-effectiveness, and rightsizing of the fleet.

Mr DE SUBERCASAUX manages a fleet of 21,000 vehicles, of which 15,000 in Europe.


Authored by: Steven Schoefs