23 Nov 23

Guillaume Pin (Ecolab) is the 2023 European Fleet & Mobility Manager of the Year

The European Fleet & Mobility Manager of the Year in 2023 is Guillaume Pin, Europe Procurement Manager – Fleet & Travel at Ecolab. The award was presented by Oliver Popkowitz, Senior Vice President Corporate Sales, Sixt

The European Fleet & Mobility Manager of the Year award acknowledges a corporate fleet manager who hold responsibility for and wield direct influence over the vehicle fleet program of a multinational corporation in Europe. The winner shows an exemplary execution of a programme that seamlessly integrates overall procurement efficiency and supplier management with the optimization of vehicle emissions and safety, as well as the exploration of new employee mobility solutions.

Ticking all the boxes
Ecolab has successfully established a comprehensive fleet strategy encompassing various key areas, including procurement, sustainability, and operational simplification, ensuring a holistic approach to fleet management. Notably, a successful pilot programme has been executed to implement telematics, with 2000 vehicles already connected in the European region, and a firm commitment to achieving a 100% connected fleet in Europe by 2024. This telematics initiative prioritizes safety as its primary focus, with energy efficiency optimization as a subsequent goal.

Furthermore, the implementation of an assessment-based vehicle selection process, which considers factors such as electric vehicle adoption, cost optimization, and talent retention, has contributed to a more well-rounded approach to fleet management. The live bike-lease program and a growing emphasis on mobility solutions highlight the organization's dedication to diversified transportation options. Additionally, the adoption of public transport as a common solution for specific trips demonstrates the commitment to sustainable mobility. Finally, Guillaume's report reveals significant achievements, with $0.5 million in rebates and $2 million in savings and cost avoidance, underscoring the success of the fleet management strategy.

Guillaume manages the Ecolab fleet of 4,750 vehicles across in Europe.

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