7 Nov 23

Hi, we’re Ayvens. Allow us to (re)introduce ourselves.

The merger of two global mobility leaders, ALD Automotive and LeasePlan, marks a fresh start – for our combined business and our people. For our customers and our partners. For all our stakeholders, in fact. It represents an opportunity we’re determined to seize: to meet their different needs and expectations in the world of today (and tomorrow), better than ever before.

That’s why we’ve created a new brand identity: to unite and inspire us all, as we embark on this exciting next leg of our journey towards the future of mobility – and towards becoming the leading global sustainable mobility player. 

Better with every move.

Our brand design journey began with a manifesto: what the company is about, what we want to be and do. We carefully crafted a brand that reflects it. This included finding a name that embodies our mission, accompanied by a logo, tagline, and colors, all meticulously considered to align with our commitment to making the world a better place for our customers, our people, and society at large. With its roots in the words ‘way’, ‘advance’ and ‘heaven’, our new name evokes an elevated mobility experience. Through its letters, sounds and rhythm, Ayvens conveys the confidence of a leader, the dynamism of an innovative business and the fluidity of our smart and flexible offering. 

Our new identity is also reflected in our new look, which captures our spirit and personality. The Ayvens brand symbol is drawn from the letter ‘a’, representing our name. Its two components represent the coming together of our two legacy companies, symbolising our strength, unity and progress... Our vibrant, unique colors – sustainable turquoise, liberty white, optimistic yellow and serene blue – are inspired by the natural world around us.

Our new tagline also captures the essence of our brand: Better with every move. reinforces our commitment to changing mobility for the better in everything we do – whether it be digitalization, flexibility, or sustainability. 

Ayvens' vision is clear: to pioneer global sustainable mobility, shaping the future with excellence. 

Through our unique expertise and customized solutions, we offer simplified experiences, smart solutions, and sustainable alternatives.  

In a fast-evolving mobility landscape, Ayvens is your partner to make your life and businesses flow better.