7 Sep 22

How to index your car policy

Vehicle leasing prices have changed significantly. Many fleet managers wonder whether to review their car policy in order to align it with the current market, or perhaps wait until markets stabilise. What is the cause of the fact that current car policy budget doesn’t fit with the changed market? In many countries, multiple causes can be pointed out, such as higher investment value or inflation.

We can presume that the figures will not revert to where they were any time soon. What is the impact on your lease price?

Price indexation

To make the complexity of current price developments more tangible, international lease and mobility company Business Lease has developed an Index, which monitors the behaviour of your Car Policy categories. With categories we mean the job levels and the corresponding lease price that the employee is eligible to have. The so called Car Policy Index enables Business Lease’ clients to adjust their Car Policy categories based on actual facts from the market.

The result is a dashboard with graphs that can simply be filtered by year or brand to deliver insights in the development of the monthly lease rate. Besides that, it also displays the development of list prices, interest rates, cost of maintenance and dealer discounts – all per category.

The Car Policy Index will be operational as of 1 September 2022.

How to index your Car Policy - Join our free webinar on 28 September

Additionally, Fleet Europe will host a live webinar, in partnership with Business Lease, to explain what fleet managers should do to align their car policies with the current market trends, followed by a Q & A session with the audience.

Expert speakers are:

  • Hans Kolff, International Sales Director, Business Lease
  • Luc Pissens, President, Belgian Federation of Fleet and Mobility Managers (BFFMM)

In order to attend this live webinar on 28 September at 3pm CEST, you can register for free here.

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Authored by: Alison Pittaway