15 Sep 23

How to Motivate Drivers to Change Their Habits

In the context of fleet sustainability, change management can help drivers understand the importance of sustainable driving habits and motivate them to change their behaviour.

There are several things fleets can do to implement change management for fleet sustainability. Here are a few tips:

  • The “message”: Drivers must understand “why” they should change their driving habits. Messaging should be clear, concise, relevant to the drivers, plus positive and encouraging.
  • Give drivers the tools and resources to make it happen, including training and incentives. Install telematics devices in vehicles to track driving behaviour.
  • Alongside why, drivers must know “what” is expected regarding sustainable driving. This should be spelt out in a fleet policy or driver handbook.
  • It's essential to track the progress of change management to see if it's working. This will help identify areas for improvement.

The fleet manager’s perspective

The key to motivating drivers to change is to show them why it's important. We also need to make it easy for them to do the right thing by providing fuel-efficient vehicles and incentives for sustainable driving.

The Change Manager’s Perspective

We need to get drivers on board by providing them with training, resources, incentives, regular communication, and progress updates.

The Sustainability Manager’s Perspective

This is not just about changing driver behaviour. It's also about ensuring fleets comprise adequately maintained, fuel-efficient vehicles running on renewable fuels.

By following these tips, businesses can successfully implement change management for fleet sustainability and motivate drivers to improve their habits.


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Picture : Shutterstock 2075608396

Authored by: Alison Pittaway