9 Nov 22

IFMI: “Forums like this for fleet managers are desperately needed”

The IFMI (International Fleet Managers’ Institute) meets again in person next week (Wednesday 16th November) at the Fleet Europe Summit 2022 in Dublin, Ireland. 

For almost 20 years, the IFMI has gathered together experts and fleet managers from across the globe to share knowledge, insights and best-practices, plus find solutions to current compelling issues. This year is no exception and promises to break records in terms of delegate numbers. So far, over 60 have registered, a third up on last year where we had 40 delegates attend the event in person. 

With the disruption of global pandemic lockdowns behind us, we are beginning to get used the ‘new normal’, which includes learning to deal with new vehicle availability issues (worsened by continuing supply chain problems and microchip shortages), rising costs and more stringent compliance measures.

Other challenges on the agenda include the constantly changing role of the fleet manager over the past decade, who is now having to quickly acquire and develop new skills and knowledge in areas of business they have never before been involved. One fleet manager I spoke to recently captured this transition perfectly when he said: “If you’d told me 25 years ago, when I first started as a fleet manager, that one day I’d have to know what to look for when employing a data analyst, I’d have thought you were mad. But that exactly where I’m at right now!”

Subjects on the agenda (which begins at 10am until 3pm) for next week include: 

  • Inside GHG emissions and accounting
  • Establishing the greenest fleet policy
  • Key steps to fleet electrification
  • Developing your eLCV fleet
  • Bypassing the EV charging challenge

We have expert speakers from ALD Automotive, Tetra Pak, Arval, ABB, SEAT, Philips, MHC Mobility, ISS, LeasePlan and Ecolab. A networking lunch from 12:30-13:30pm provides an excellent opportunity to meet with your peers and mingle with the speakers. Plus, there will be ample time for group discussions and Q&As (question and answer). 

The only way to overcome the challenges we face right now is to do it together, not only for our own benefit but for the greater good of the fleet sector as a whole. Forums like this are desperately needed, now more than ever, so we can talk through issues, share ideas and find workable and lasting solutions. But of course the first step is to register for the Summit

Authored by: Alison Pittaway