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18 Jul 19

IFMI Masterclass, 6 November: How supplier management, driver behaviour and e-mobility generate cost-savings

Let’s face it: most of us stay busy executing our job and trying to deliver the company’s targets from behind the desk or at least within the office. To gain new insights and ideas in how to innovate and optimise your business, it can be a good idea to step out of the office once and a while, and to share expertise with peers and learn from experts.

That’s exactly what the IFMI Masterclass Session on 6 November in Estoril is all about. IFMI, of course, is short for the International Fleet Managers Institute, the educational platform for international fleet and mobility stakeholders only, organised by Fleet Europe, in partnership with industry players Athlon, ALD, Arval and LeasePlan.

Each year, IFMI offers a shortlist of high-value seminars, in-depth webinars and lively workshops aimed at increasing the effectiveness with which fleet and mobility professionals do business and stimulate best practice sharing that contributes to sustainable value creation for participants. More than 500 companies have already participated to IFMI. And we are looking forward welcoming you in our session that is linked to the 2019 Fleet Europe Summit in Estoril, Portugal.

6 November, from 9am to 5pm, Estoril: How supplier management, driver behaviour and e-mobility generate cost-savings and added value creation for your fleet management strategy 

Understanding your fleet means being able to save money and add value – through better supplier management, using tax as a lever for cost benefits, managing driver behaviour, focusing on fleet electrification and e-mobility schemes, and more. Participants will get insights from award-winning fleet and mobility peers, have the possibility to express their thoughts and ideas during workshop sessions, and have the opportunity to test drive the newest e-vehicles.

What you will learn:

  • Understanding Fleet Baseline and Fleet Costs
  • Supply Management Optimisation
  • Aligning Policy with Strategy
  • Understanding Fleet Electrification with EV test drive
  • How Technology and Mobility change your role for the best

This full-day training will take place within the context of the 2019 Fleet Europe Summit, the annual gathering of the European fleet community – this year again in the Portuguese coastal resort of Estoril. This IFMI Masterclass session will be organised on 6 November from 9am to 5pm. By participating to the IFMI Session, you will have access to the full Fleet Europe Summit Event on 6 and 7 November.

Find out more and join IFMI or send an e-mail to Aline Verpoorten.

Photos: participants at the 2018 IFMI session in Barcelona


Authored by: Steven Schoefs