30 Oct 19

IFMI Masterclass: because 30 people know more than 1

The International Fleet Managers Institute (IFMI) holds a Masterclass for international fleet and mobility leaders who want to stay up to speed about fleet management, mobility, powertrains and taxation.

The 2019 IFMI Masterclass will be held on 6 November in Estoril, Portugal.

Here’s an overview of topics and speakers at this year’s IFMI:

  • Outsourcing fleet management: yes or no? Marc Devos, Senior Manager Fleet Europe, Coca-Cola European Partners and Ferenc Hegedus, Global Category Lead Auto Leasing, Auto Rental and Ground Transportation, IBM, defend their views on this often-contentious topic.
  • What’s the status of your vehicle fleet and the fleet costs it represents? A presentation by Sjoerd Brenters, Senior Automotive Consultant, LeasePlan.
  • Sole supply or multi supply? Two fleet managers argue respectively dual and sole supply are the way to go. Laszlo Kiss, Global Category Manager Fleet, Novartis, is in favour of a multi supply strategy.
  • How will WLTP impact vehicle budgets? Presentation by Shams-Dine El Mouden, International Arval Consulting Director, Arval and Mark Taylor, International Account Director, Athlon.
  • Overview of new taxation across Europe in terms of powertrains, BIK, mobility incentives etc. by Mazen Al Haffar, Advisor, BDO.
  • How to deal with connected vehicles? Presentation by Anne Chidiac, Business Intelligence & Consultancy, ALD Automotive.

The full-day Masterclass will be built on interactive presentations, debates and workshops in which participants take on the hot potatos in today’s fleet and mobility industry.

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Image: 2017 IFMI Masterclass in Estoril, Portugal.

Authored by: Benjamin Uyttebroeck