27 Feb 19

International Fleet Procurement Challenges

Companies with a European or even global presence need a partner who can optimise their global fleet management requirements at local and international level. A partner with the reach and resources to support your goals and one with the experience to deliver results.

Demand for international fleet management solutions is growing due to the global activities of large companies and the parallel centralisation of corporate functions requiring individual cross-border approaches.

International fleet solutions are no longer just a trend, but are a necessity for strategic alignment, control and overall cost reduction. Cost management and reduction is particularly effective when aligned with a dynamic multi-bidding model which, in TraXall’s case, delivers a unique ‘best price, every time’  guarantee on every vehicle in every market.

A key driver in the search for international fleet solutions is the achievement of synergies that can be realised by bundling purchasing volumes and standardising and streamlining processes (process cost reduction). The increasing number of regulatory requirements, their standardisation or harmonisation as well as the advancing development of alternative mobility strategies at European level are increasing the demand for professional consulting and functional solutions across borders. 

In the pursuit of the right fleet management partner, it is particularly important to ask questions about whether the service provider has the right skills and tools to manage and optimise the fleet economically. With the deployment of international fleet management solutions, it is an absolute requirement to
provide local market expertise and locally based teams to support drivers and stakeholders professionally. And then there is the basic requirement for a comprehensive realisation of the savings potential, aligned with sufficient geographical presence of the fleet management service provider in order to meet the customer requirements for an overall solution.

The right fleet management service provider supports your strategy and your people, works with your business to highlight and achieve efficiencies, delivers sustainable price guarantees across a managed supply chain leading to dedicated people and controlled or reduced costs, and focuses on the various TCO levers.

  • 170,000 managed vehicles
  • €4 billion managed assets
This expertise and continued growth across more than 20 countries enables us to efficiently fulfill complex service requirements for large international customers.


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