8 Dec 17

Last chance: Register for the Webinar - How to turn your international strategy into applicable local policies - 12 Dec.

As an international fleet manager, you are looking for cost-efficiency, optimised transparency, consolidated data reporting and tailor-made processes. How you achieve these goals, depends on your corporate culture, your strategic objectives and the deployment of your fleet management strategy.

A logical step would be to harmonise as much as possible and to reduce the number of partners and vendors you are working with. But what seems like a logical solution might create unexpected issues when you’re implementing it locally.

So, carefully examining market realities and local opportunities according to regional and country specific fleet management needs is an absolute must. 

In our upcoming Fleet Europe Webinar on 12 December at 2:00 PM CET, you will get all the answers on how to make your international fleet management strategy work across Europe, taking into account local implementation issues.

Our webinar, titled ‘How to efficiently turn your international strategy into local policies’, will give participants valuable insight into making your strategy practicable and applicable.

After an introduction by Steven Schoefs, Chief Editor of Fleet Europe, Ross Jackson (CEO) and Thibaud Dedier (COO) of TraXall International will reveal what are the essentials to streamline your international programme with local reality.

This webinar will conclude with an interactive Q&A.

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Authored by: Steven Schoefs